Lemon Law

How To Use The Motor Vehicle Defect Notification Form

(This form does NOT start arbitration)

The purpose of this form is to provide you with a means of notifying the manufacturer(s) of your vehicle that you have reached a certain point in the repair process. This notification is required by the Lemon Law after there have been at least three repair attempts for the same substantial defect or condition, or the vehicle has been out of service for 15 or more days for repair of one or more substantial defects or conditions. Use of this particular form is optional. The notice to the Manufacturer must be in writing.

  1. Download the form and complete it, checking the box that fits your repair situation. If both situations apply, check both boxes. If only the first box (days-out-of-service) applies, you do not have to describe the defects.
  2. Print three copies of the form:
    1. Mail one, by registered or express mail, return receipt requested, to the Manufacturer(s). If your vehicle is a conversion van or a recreation vehicle, you may have to send a form to each of the Manufacturers who warrant or may warrant the affected parts of the vehicle. Do Not send it to the dealer. The Manufacturer's address for customer service or its Florida zone office should be in your warranty book or owner's manual.
    2. Keep one, along with your mail receipt, for your records as you will need it if you have to file for arbitration.
    3. Send the third one, by regular mail, to: Office of the Attorney General, Lemon Law Research Unit, The Capitol, Tallahassee 32399-1050. Note: This form does not start an arbitration claim. Please do not send your repair orders or other documents to the Attorney General's office with the form.
  3. If you checked the "3 or more repair attempts" box: When you get your return mail receipt signed by the Manufacturer, starting with the date signed, the Manufacturer has 10 days to contact you and arrange an appointment for the final repair attempt at a reasonably accessible repair facility. The appointment should be within a reasonable time of the Manufacturer's contacting you. The Manufacturer is not required to contact you in writing. You should make a note of the date you are contacted by the Manufacturer.
  4. If you checked the "days-out-of-service" box: When you get your return mail receipt signed by the Manufacturer, you should take your vehicle in to the dealer and allow the dealer or the Manufacturer to inspect it or attempt repair, at the dealer or Manufacturer's option, at least one more time.
  5. When you take your vehicle to the repair facility, be sure to get a legible repair order after the inspection or repair, even if no actual work is performed. You are entitled to this under the Lemon Law. Keep this repair order, along with your other repair orders, your copy of the defect notification and the return mail receipt as you will need them if you have to file for arbitration.
  6. For more detailed and further information about your rights, please refer to the booklet entitled "Consumer Guide to the Florida Lemon Law." You should have received this booklet when you acquired your vehicle. You may also contact the Lemon Law Hotline at 1-800-321-5366, if in Florida; or (850) 414-3500, if out-of-state.