Attorney General Charlie Crist News Release
March 29, 2006
Contact: Jenn Meale
Phone: (850) 245-0150
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Crist Subpoenas Voting Machine Companies

TALLAHASSEE - Attorney General Charlie Crist today announced that his office has issued investigative subpoenas to the three companies certified to provide voting machines to Florida’s counties. The subpoenas seek copies of documents relating to sales of voting machines by Diebold Election Systems, Inc., Election Systems & Software, Inc., and Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc. in Florida since January 2003.

"It is critical for our democratic process to work efficiently and effectively, but of most importance, fairly," said Crist. "These subpoenas are to ensure that the rights of our voters with disabilities as well as all Florida voters are secured."

Crist’s office began the investigation in early February. Diebold, Elections Systems and Sequoia have supplied voting equipment to every Florida county for several years. Part of the Attorney General’s investigation will look into how the companies marketed their voting machines to each of the counties. Another part of the investigation is to determine why all three companies declined to sell voting equipment to Leon County, placing the county at odds with the federal Help America Vote Act.

The Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division will be assisting the Antitrust Division because of the importance of securing accessible voting systems for all Floridians. The subpoenas are seeking information about whether the companies agreed among themselves not to do business with the county.

Copies of the subpoenas are available at:$file/Diebold_subpoena.pdf$file/Election_Systems_subpoena.pdf$file/Sequoia_subpoena.pdf