Crime Victims' Services
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The Application for Victim Compensation Form is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. The downloaded copy may be read, searched or printed.

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*In accordance with Chapter 960.05 (k), Fla. Stat., the Bureau of Victim Compensation (BVC) is entitled to receive from the state attorney, or from law enforcement agencies, any data, including confidential records, which enables the department to determine if a crime was committed or attempted. BVC has recognized the necessity for a replacement or supplemental form when the incident report is not available due to an active investigation, or if the circumstances of the crime need to be clarified. The Law Enforcement Information Reporting Form (BVC430) was created for those purposes, and is distributed directly to the proper authority charged with investigating the crime, or the state attorney who has jurisdiction over the criminal proceedings.

Law enforcement who require the form may contact the department at 800-226-6667 to request a copy.