Crime Victims' Services
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Victims rights in Court and Clemency Proceedings

Victims of crime are entitled to information concerning services and protection available to victims of adult and juvenile crime; notification of scheduling changes; advance notification concerning judicial proceedings and the right to be present at those proceedings; an opportunity be consulted by the state attorney to express their views; prompt return of property held for evidentiary purposes unless there is a compelling law enforcement reason for retaining it; notification to employer for cooperation in the prosecution of the case and explanation to creditors the reason for such serious financial strain; notification of the right to request restitution, and submit an impact statement; information concerning the escape of the defendant; and general victim assistance.

Victims next of kin will be sent information explaining the capital clemency process; notification that a Florida Commission on Offender Review Investigator will be requesting an interview and the nature of the interview, victims will be offered the opportunity to submit written impact information in lieu of an interview; notification and explanation of a clemency hearing; opportunity to be present and submit a written statement or an oral statement at the clemency hearing; upon request, victims may receive copies of the actual transcript of any statements or testimony of the inmate

For further information or clarification, please call 1-800-226-6667.