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The Florida New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board consists of members appointed by the Attorney General from the citizenry of this State. The terms of appointment consist of an initial term of one year (from July 1 to June 30), with possible reappointment to additional terms of two years at the discretion of the Attorney General.

The New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board is created within the Department of Legal Affairs to resolve disputes arising between consumers and motor vehicle manufacturers under Florida’s Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, popularly known as the “Lemon Law,” found at Chapter 681, Florida Statutes. Three-member panels of the Arbitration Board conduct public arbitration hearings throughout the state, in locations reasonably convenient for consumers and during normal business hours. Lawyers from the Attorney General’s Office function as legal advisors to the Board.

Members of the Board cannot be employed by motor vehicle manufacturers or franchised motor vehicle dealers, or be staff members, decisionmakers or consultants for any manufacturer-sponsored informal dispute resolution procedure.

Persons wishing to be considered for appointment to the Arbitration Board should complete and submit the application form below to the address listed. For more information about service on the Arbitration Board, contact the Office of the Attorney General, Lemon Law Arbitration, at 850-414-3500.

Instructions and an application to apply for appointment to the Florida New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board are available for download in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat formats.

Completed applications for appointment to the board should be submitted to:

Office of the Attorney General
Lemon Law Arbitration Program
ATTN: Kairi Sisask
The Capitol, PL-01
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050
(850) 414-3500 (Phone) / (850) 488-7295 (Fax)