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2010 Hate Crimes Report

The report is available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat format.

Executive Summary

The 2010 Hate Crimes in Florida Report, contains data reported by individual local law enforcement agencies throughout Florida. These agencies reported the occurrence of hate crime incidents in 2010 under the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) information system. Currently, 367 agencies participate in the UCR system and this report is based solely on the information provided to FDLE by the reporting agencies. Of the 367 participating agencies, 65 agencies reported hate crimes in 2010, compared to 64 agencies that reported hate crimes the previous year. This year's total represents 17.7 percent of the agencies that participate in the UCR reporting system.

The report shows the number of hate crimes committed, and the nature of the alleged motivation behind the offenses. During 2010, there were 149 reported hate crimes in Florida. Hate crimes motivated by the victim's race represented 46.3 percent of all reported hate crimes, followed by sexual orientation at 21.5 percent; religion at 19.5 percent; and ethnicity/national origin at 12.7 percent. No hate crimes were reported under the categories of physical disability, mental disability or advanced age.

There are two categories of hate crime offenses: crimes against persons and crimes against property. Crimes against persons accounted for 66.4 percent of all incidents reported in 2010, down from 71.6 percent in 2009, while crimes against property accounted for the remaining 33.6 percent, up from 28.4 percent in 2009.

As variations may exist among law enforcement agencies in how hate crime data is gathered and reported, it is important to note that this report does not include unreported crimes or crimes that may be hate-related but are not classified as such by the local reporting agencies.