Pill Mills - The Solution

Attorney General Bondi has a comprehensive approach to combating pill mills.


  • Enhanced criminal penalties
  • Administrative enforcement with new "get tough" regulations on pain clinics and doctors
  • Increased criminal prosecutions through partnerships between the Office of Statewide Prosecution and State Attorneys for high drug-trafficking areas


  • Support for Florida's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
  • Prevention strategies (school prevention and "drug take back" events)
  • Substance abuse treatment via Florida's drug courts.

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The core principles for all state-level prevention efforts in Florida include collaboration of key stakeholders and agencies; support of community anti-drug coalitions, and the use of the Strategic Prevention Framework model which includes the following steps:

  • Profiling community needs, resources, and readiness
  • Mobilizing community resources and building capacity
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Supporting evidence-based prevention
  • Monitoring local activity performance

Law Enforcement

Attorney General Bondi supports a strong supply reduction policy through the use of a combination of criminal, civil and administrative sanctions. The creation of the statewide Drug Strike Force is essential to this effort. The regional Strike Forces will pull various local and state law enforcement agencies together to share resources and leverage intelligence analysis.

Florida seeks to build on lessons learned from those states with the best successes fighting pharmaceutical drug diversion. First, we must combine multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional law enforcement operations with the routine use of some form of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Second, the Attorney General is engaging both the pharmaceutical industry and the public health community to change cultural norms regarding pharmaceutical drug use. Taken together, this balanced, multi-faceted approach of more effective law enforcement and improved public health outcomes offers the best chance for ending the pharmaceutical drug abuse epidemic in Florida.


Admissions to Florida's treatment programs for prescription medication abuse increased 124% between 2004 and 2008.

Broward County reports that 50% of their Drug Court cases are individuals who are charged with the illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Once we are successful in shutting down Pill Mills there will be a need to treat those who are addicted.

Drug courts are the "crown jewel" in the drug treatment realm, with the most sustained success in reducing substance abuse.

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