Office of Inspector General
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The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to assist the department in facilitating the State of Florida’s legal needs by providing timely auditing, investigative, and review services; assessments of management functions; and the promotion of integrity, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of departmental programs and activities.

The primary goal of the OIG is to provide independent and objective information of departmental programs and activities in a timely manner to assist the Attorney General and department staff in the accomplishment of the Department’s mission.

The major responsibilities of the OIG include investigations, audits, and reviews of department programs and activities, which are described in the following sections.

Section 20.055(6), Florida Statutes, states that investigations are designed to detect, deter, prevent, and eradicate fraud, waste, mismanagement, misconduct, and other abuses in state government.

Accordingly, the responsibilities of the OIG’s investigative staff include:

  • Initiating, conducting, supervising and coordinating investigations;
  • Recommending appropriate actions to provide economy and efficiency in the administration of, and preventing and detecting fraud and abuse in, the department’s programs and operations;
  • Receiving complaints from whistle-blowers and others and carrying out such investigations, inquiries, or reviews, as necessary; and
  • Reporting to and cooperating with law enforcement agencies, when appropriate.

Audits are independent appraisals designed to examine and evaluate the department programs and activities as a service to the department. An inherent objective when performing audits is to review and evaluate internal controls necessary to ensure fiscal accountability.

After audit reports are issued, a follow-up review is performed six-months later to determine the extent of corrective actions implemented by management. Audits may be classified as either financial, compliance, performance, or data and information security. Another function of this section is to coordinate with other oversight entities (Office of the Auditor General, Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, etc).

The responsibilities of the Auditing section include:

  • Reviewing and evaluating internal controls necessary to ensure fiscal accountability of the Office of the Attorney General;
  • Conducting financial statement, compliance, electronic data processing, and performance audits of the agency and prepare reports;
  • Monitoring the implementation of responses to other oversight entity’s audit reports;
  • Developing long-range annual audit plans; and
  • Preparing annual reports.
Other Accountability Services
In addition to the OIG’s primary responsibilities, the Office is also responsible for the following:
  • Advising in the development of performance measures, standards, and procedures for evaluating state programs;
  • Assessing the reliability and validity of information related to performance measures and standards approved by the Florida Legislature;
  • Reviewing the actions taken by the agency to improve program performance and meet established standards;
  • Carrying out other activities to promote economy and efficiency;
  • Preventing and detecting fraud and abuse in programs and operations;
  • Keeping the agency head informed; and
  • Coordinating accountability activities with other oversight authorities.