Florida is a Zero-Tolerance State for Human Trafficking
"Human trafficking robs people of their dignity and deprives them of their most basic human rights," - stated Attorney General Pam Bondi

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, there are 27 million people enslaved worldwide. In 2011, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center ranked Florida 3rd in the number of calls received by the center’s human trafficking hotline.

Victims of human trafficking include children, women and men who are subjected to sexual exploitation or forced labor through force, fraud or coercion.

Attorney General Pam Bondi is dedicated to making Florida a zero-tolerance state for human trafficking.

Human Trafficking Overview for Emergency Medicine Personnel

Attorney General Pam Bondi is dedicated to making Florida a zero-tolerance state for human trafficking, and she has advanced her mission by joining emergency medicine personnel to announce a unique partnership that equips emergency medicine personnel with key information about human trafficking. Attorney General Bondi was joined by members of the Florida Association of EMS Medical Directors, the Florida College of Emergency Physicians, the Emergency Medicine and Learning Resource Center, the Medical Director of the Orange County EMS System, and the Orange County Undersheriff to share the specifically designed for personnel responding to or assisting during an emergency, so that victims of human trafficking can be better identified and assisted in the early stages of receiving emergency medical care. According to the Family Violence Prevention Fund, "28 percent of trafficking survivors in one study said they came into contact with a healthcare provider during the trafficking situation, and were not recognized." Click here to access the overview.

Attorney General Bondi Launched “Instant Message to Instant Nightmare” Awareness Initiative

Instant Message to Instant Nightmare Awareness Initiative

Attorney General Pam Bondi is asking parents to help protect their children from human trafficking. Human traffickers recruit victims through various means, including using the Internet and social media. Human traffickers have online access, and parents can help make sure they cannot access children online.

Attorney General Bondi announced a statewide awareness campaign that encourages parents to go to MyFloridaLegal.com to find a tip sheet and pledge for their children to sign about online safety. The campaign kicked-off with billboards, bus shelter posters and mall displays throughout Florida. To view the campaign and access the tip sheet, click here.

Attorney General Pam Bondi Spreads Anti-Human Trafficking Message Along Florida's Roadways

Attorney General Pam Bondi has partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation to spread the anti-human trafficking message along Florida's major roadways. Attorney General Pam Bondi has worked to raise awareness about the prevalence of human trafficking and to encourage people to report it. Expanding her "From Instant Message to Instant Nightmare" awareness initiative, which Attorney General Bondi launched in 2013, Attorney General Bondi has worked with the DOT to display posters in rest areas across Florida this month. Additionally, she has provided a public service announcement to be displayed at 39 of Florida's rest areas that have TV displays. Click here.

Attorney General Bondi Worked with the Legislature to Pass Tough New Laws Against Human Trafficking

During the 2012 legislative session, Attorney General Bondi joined Senator Flores and Representative Snyder to advocate legislation that cracks down on human trafficking.

Attorney General Bondi Partnered with Florida’s Businesses to Stop Human Trafficking

Attorney General Bondi is joining forces with Florida's business community to stop human trafficking. Businesses are uniquely positioned to help stop human trafficking. For example, businesses can help in this fight by ensuring there is no human trafficking within their supply chains and by training employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking and report suspected cases. Click here to learn more.

Attorney General Bondi Joined FDLE to Develop Law Enforcement Training on Human Trafficking

Additionally, Attorney General Bondi and Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Bailey recently announced a new optional training for Florida law enforcement. The two-hour online training, “Introduction to Human Trafficking,” includes an introduction from Attorney General Bondi and equips front-line officers with information to help them recognize and respond to human trafficking. The complete FDLE “Introduction to Human Trafficking” training is available on FDLE’s website.

Florida Missing Children's Day Combatting Human Trafficking Award Nomination Form

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Florida is a zero-tolerance state for Human Trafficking