Testing Florida's Unprocessed Sexual Assault Kits
Testing Florida's Unprocessed Sexual Assault Kits

During the 2016 Legislative Session, Attorney General Pam Bondi helped secure millions of state dollars to begin testing Florida’s unprocessed sexual assault kits. In September of 2015, Attorney General Bondi called for the testing of Florida’s unprocessed kits, and several months later an assessment found more than 13,400 unprocessed kits statewide.

“As a career prosecutor I have seen first-hand the heartache and devastation caused by sexual predators. I have also seen the power of DNA evidence in bringing these predators to justice and helping the victims of these heinous crimes heal. Hidden in the estimated thousands of untested kits is the potential to solve cold cases, lock up sexual predators and make Florida a safer place to live and raise a family."
- Attorney General Pam Bondi

Working with law enforcement, lawmakers and victim advocates to address this important public safety issue, Attorney General Bondi helped secure an initial $2.3 million dollars for the testing of Florida’s thousands of unprocessed sexual assault kits, and paved the way for private labs to assist. The legislature also allocated funds for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to raise the wages of lab analysts to reduce turnover, purchase new forensic testing equipment and upgrade existing lab equipment.

This multipronged approach is vital to processing Florida’s untested kits expediently, while also providing state labs with the resources needed to continue testing new forensic evidence. Attorney General Bondi’s goal of testing these kits is clear, and with the newly allocated funding, the state will be able to achieve this goal in the near future.

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