Lemon Law

State-Certified, Manufacturer-Sponsored Informal Dispute Programs

(Certification provisionally extended up to April 30, 2023)

BBB Auto Line: Bentley Motor, Inc.; Ford Motor Co.; General Motors LLC; Hyundai Motor America; Kia Motors America, Inc.; Mazda Motor of America, Inc.; Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. (Including Infiniti Division); Volkswagen/Audi of America, Inc..

National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS): Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. (Including Lexus Division); American Honda Motor Company (including Acura division) (ONLY for all new motor vehicles purchased on or after November 1, 2022); Tesla Motors, Inc. (ONLY for all new motor vehicles purchased on or after November 1, 2022).

CAP Motors: Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

If your vehicle is made by any manufacturer listed above, the manufacturer must, at the time of purchase or lease, provide you with written information regarding how and where to file a claim with the state-certified program. Check your warranty book or owner's manual, or a separate supplement included with your purchase/lease materials. If the manufacturer has met these requirements, then you must first apply to the state-certified, manufacturer-sponsored program before you are eligible for a hearing before the Fla. New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board administered by the Office of the Attorney General. DO NOT DELAY! You must apply with the manufacturer-sponsored, state-certified program within 60 days after the expiration of the "Lemon Law rights period," which is 24 months from the date of delivery of your vehicle to you.

Once you file a claim with a manufacturer-sponsored, state-certified program, if that program does not make a decision within 40 days of the date you apply, or if you are not satisfied with the program's decision for any reason, then you are eligible to file for arbitration with the Fla. New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board, the state-run arbitration program. DO NOT DELAY! You must file with the Office of the Attorney General within 60 days after the expiration of your Lemon Law rights period, or 30 days after the final action of the manufacturer state-certified program, whichever date is later. Call the Lemon Law Hotline 1-800-321-5366 (850-414-3500 if you are located outside the state) or click here to get a Request for Arbitration form.

Some manufacturers who do not offer state-certified programs may, either through written materials, customer service call numbers or their dealers, attempt to encourage you to make use of these programs. BE AWARE that submitting a claim to a non-certified manufacturer-sponsored program may cost you valuable time and your Lemon Law rights.