Administrative Law Bureau
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The Administrative Law Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office primarily serves as counsel to professional licensure and disciplinary boards. The attorneys in this Bureau serve as counsel to all of the licensure boards within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and within the Department of Health. The attorneys also serve as legal counsel to the Education Practices Commission (Department of Education) and the Board of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services (Department of Financial Services). In addition to these professional licensure boards, the attorneys serve as counsel to the Florida Elections Commission, the State Retirement Commission, the Commission for Transportation Disadvantaged (Department of Transportation), and the Wireless 911 Board (Department of Management Services). In their role as legal counsel, the attorneys provide legal advice on any issues that arise, but most frequently advise with regard to rule making, Chapter 120 and other due process provisions of law, Sunshine and Public Records Law, and the authority and responsibility of the boards and board members. The attorneys assist with rule making by advising on rule making authority, drafting the text of proposed rules, and handling the actual promulgation process. They also draft orders and correspondence for the boards as needed. In addition, this Bureau represents the Agency for Persons With Disabilities in defense of adverse actions taken in the Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Programs, and the Department of Children and Families in defense of actions taken in Independent Living cases. Attorneys in this Bureau also act in the capacity of hearing officers for the Office of Student Financial Assistance (Department of Education) in wage garnishment cases involving student loans.

In addition to the above, the attorneys represent the boards if the boards are brought into litigation in a judicial forum. In this role, the attorneys have represented boards before county, circuit, and appellate courts of the State of Florida, as well as the trial and appellate courts of the federal judiciary. The attorneys within this Bureau consult with or co-counsel with other attorneys from the Attorney General’s Office when special expertise is needed.

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