Office of Statewide Prosecution

For Calendar Year 2002
with Caseload and Financial Statistics for
Fiscal Year 2001-2002


The Office of Statewide Prosecution is authorized to investigate and prosecute multi-circuit organized crime. The Office utilizes a police/prosecutor team approach in multi-offender, multi-offense, multi-jurisdictional criminal cases. The goal of the teams is to dismantle the organizations through effective prosecution and civil, administrative, and regulatory sanctions where appropriate. To achieve this goal, the staff relies on four fundamental values: justice, integrity, innovation, and commitment.

The priorities of the Office are: (1) white collar crimes (including identity theft, health care fraud, government contract fraud, insurance fraud, telemarketing fraud, title loan fraud, securities fraud, and fraud against the elderly); (2) computer crimes (including identity theft, fraud, intrusions, and child pornography); and (3) violent offenses (including narcotics trafficking and money laundering) perpetrated by organized groups.

In FY 2001-2002, the Office handled a total volume of 1,067 complex criminal investigations, including 588 filed cases, and worked in conjunction with 115 law enforcement agencies and numerous State and Federal Task Forces. The conviction rate was 95%. The dispositions achieved are detailed herein. Financial benefit to the citizens of the State in the form of assessed fines, penalties, and restitution amounted to almost $29 million dollars. Collections exceeded the total operating budget. Law enforcement and victims gave the Office positive service ratings in annual surveys.

For its work in the area of identity theft, the Office was commended in a Cabinet Resolution, recognized by Congress and the U.S. Postal Service, and highlighted in a report by the U.S. General Accounting Office. For its efforts against workers’ compensation fraud, the Office was recognized in a Resolution from the Florida League of Cities and by the Division of Insurance Fraud of the Department of Insurance.

The Office of Statewide Prosecution, with its specialized assignments and multi-circuit jurisdiction, fills a unique role in Florida's criminal justice system. This report illustrates its effectiveness.

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