Division of Administrative Services

The Budget Unit is responsible for the monitoring of appropriations and overseeing the process of ensuring that sufficient operating and nonoperating budget is available at all times to accommodate the needs of the agency in relation to it’s goals and objectives. Additionally, this unit is responsible for the annual preparation and dissemination of the agency’s Legislative Budget Request (LBR) and the Long Range Program Plan (LRPP).

Finance and Accounting
The major functions of the Finance and Accounting unit are to make daily deposits of all in-coming cash receipts, process vendor invoices and employee travel in accordance with Florida Statutes, prepare invoices and reports for other state agencies, and process all revolving fund check requests. This unit also functions as support staff to all agency administrative contacts for all necessary financial information.

General Services
The essential functions of the General Services unit are statewide real property leases and facilities management; administering the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation and disposal of records; purchasing goods and services in a timely manner and at a competitive price; securing professional services through contract bidding; programming and maintenance of all phone systems and wireless devices; and print shop and mailroom services.

Human Resources
Management and coordination of human resource operations, including, the selection of candidates and specialized recruitment, labor relations, employee grievances, specialized payroll productions, disciplinary actions, performance evaluations, and policy and procedure development. Personnel also coordinates with the state’s vendor for specifically contracted services, including, the processing of employee payroll actions, benefits, emergency hires, applicant sourcing and management, reporting of attendance and leave, employee benefits enrollment, administration of the employee assistance program (EAP), and mandatory state-wide training.