Protecting Florida's Seniors

The Florida Attorney General's Office is committed to bringing to justice those who defraud and exploit our senior citizens. While our diverse population contains mostly decent and responsible people, some dishonest and uncaring persons seek to take advantage of individuals and families.

Scam artists believe that senior citizens are an easy target, but informed seniors– like any other consumer–can protect themselves from these financial predators.

The best way for government to fight these crimes is to work together. Federal, state, and local agencies, law enforcement, the Attorney General's Office, and individuals need to partner to combat fraud–especially the defrauding of senior citizens. This collective effort can stop the con artists before they strike.

This website contains links to helpful resources and a copy of a new brochure, "Savvy Consumers Can Stop Fraud: A Guide for Seniors." The information in the brochure provides valuable guidelines and steps for consumers to take to protect their interests. “Smart Consumers” also contains information on tools designed to save money, especially in the important area of prescription medication.

Other topics include identity theft prevention, recognizing telemarketing fraud, price gouging and information on sweepstakes scams.

Other Helpful Resources