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In March 2011, Governor Rick Scott announced a statewide law enforcement response for an immediate impact to the criminal distribution of prescription drugs. The creation of the Statewide Drug Strike Force will assist local law enforcement agencies by providing intelligence, analytical, and investigative support. The Commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will serve as the statewide coordinator of the strike force, and seven local strike teams will be co-led by Florida’s sheriffs and police chiefs.

Florida’s law enforcement community brings a unique set of skills to reducing prescription drug abuse. Local law enforcement are full participants in our statewide prevention efforts because they realize that stopping prescription drug abuse before it starts is the best way to reduce demand. Law enforcement also recognize that treatment works and understands the value of providing treatment to those addicted in order to keep them from the revolving door of drug use, crime, and incarceration.

Strike Force Goal:

To eliminate the abuse of prescription drugs, which presents a clear and immediate threat to the health and safety of Florida citizens, as well as to the citizens of the United States.

  • Target doctors, clinics, or other healthcare facilities that prescribe or dispense federal and/or state regulated controlled substances, without a medical necessity and outside the scope of a legitimate medical practice.
  • Pursue doctors and other healthcare officials who engage in fraud against private insurance companies and federal/state public benefit programs.
  • Seize and forfeit assets of those who benefit from involvement in illegal enterprises (pill mills).
  • Seek restitution of investigative expenses.

Regional Strike Force Map

Regional Strike Forces in the News

Pill mill bust in Pasco County

Four arrested by the Southwest Regional Drug Enforcement Strike Force

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