Identity Theft
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Identity theft is the criminal use of an individual's personal identification information. Identity thieves steal information such as your name, social security number, driver's license information, or bank and credit card accounts and use the information to establish credit, make purchases, apply for loans or even seek employment.

The statistics are staggering. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Florida was ranked second in the nation for identity theft in 2017, with 38,384 reported complaints. Victims of identity theft can come from any lifestyle regardless of race, gender, age or socioeconomic status. This website is designed to be a centralized "one-stop" resource center for victims of identity theft in Florida. Individuals in other states who had their personal information fraudulently used in the state of Florida will also find this resource useful.

Victims of identity theft should review Florida's Identity Theft Victim Kit, an all-in-one resource that provides victims with specific instructions for filing a police report and beginning to clear their names.