Citizen Services

The Florida Attorney General's Office of Citizen Services (CS) operates the Attorney General’s Fraud Hotline at (850) 414-3990 or toll-free within Florida (866) 966-7226. The Hotline serves as the initial point-of-contact for consumer complaints, Lemon Law complaints, Medicaid Provider Fraud complaints, and general inquiries. During declared states of emergency, the Hotline also functions as the Attorney General's Price-Gouging Hotline.

Citizen Services serves as the portal for the public to communicate with their elected Attorney General. On the forefront of consumer issues, Citizen Services works closely with the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division to collect and identify patterns of consumer complaints that might indicate the need for further investigation or action by the agency. Citizen Services collects data from complainants; identifies and compiles complaint data; distributes fraud prevention information, complaint forms, affidavits, and specific case-related updates; and provides referrals to other government and community resources and services.

On behalf of the Attorney General, Citizen Services is proud to serve the state of Florida.