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The Antitrust Division of the Attorney General’s Office was established in 1976. Since its inception, the Section has recovered nearly $400 million on behalf of Florida’s citizens and taxpayers and state and local public entities within Florida.

The primary focus of the Division is the enforcement of state and federal antitrust laws through civil investigations and litigation under authority granted the Attorney General in Florida Statute Chapter 542. Over the years, the division’s successful antitrust enforcement efforts have not only resulted in sizable recoveries for Floridians and Florida’s public entities, but have also ensured more competitive markets in Florida.

The Division also seeks to preserve competition by reviewing proposed mergers and acquisitions. A merger review is triggered when the proposed activity may result in reduce competition which would adversely affect Floridians.

In addition to its enforcement role, the Division also provides antitrust counsel for the State and its agencies and serves as a competition advocate in that role. For example, the Division regularly reviews administrative rules proposed by the various professional boards for potential anti-competitive consequences and consults with Administrative Law Section attorneys regarding any such concerns.

The Division also periodically conducts or participates in presentations for state and local procurement officials, designed to help them identify potential bid-rigging schemes. In addition, the Division regularly participates in education seminars for government and private attorneys both through the Florida Bar and nationally.

Attorney General Bondi Secures an Estimated $4.4 Million for Floridians in a National Settlement Regarding E-Book Price-Fixing

Attorney General Bondi Reaches Additional $543.5 Million Multi-State Settlement with Manufacturers of TFT-LCD Panels ~Total of settlements for damages and civil penalties are more than $1.1 billion dollars~

Attorney General Bondi’s Office Reaches $538.5 Million Multi-State and Class Action Settlement with Manufacturers of TFT-LCD Panels

Multistate Working Group Agrees to $34.25 Million Settlement with GE Funding Over Illegal Municipal Bond Derivatives Scheme

AG Bondi Announces $58.75 Million Settlement with Wachovia Over Anticompetitive Municipal Bond Derivatives Scheme

Attorney General Announces $90.8 Million National Settlement with UBS over Anticompetitive Scheme

Antitrust No-Action Letters

Under Florida Statute 408.18. the "Florida Health Care Community Antitrust Guidance Act," the Attorney General is authorized to provide members of the health care community with antitrust guidance. When requested the Antitrust Division reviews proposed business activity such as mergers, joint ventures and other joint activity affecting the delivery of health care before the proposed activity is under taken. After completing its review of a request for an antitrust no-action letter, the Division will a) issue the no action letter b) decline to issue any type of letter or c) take whatever other position it considers appropriate.

  1. NAL 05-01 (November 21, 2005) to Wellington Regional Medical Center (settlement of Con litigation)
  2. NAL 10-01 (March 31, 2010) to FAH (cancer trials)