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Case Number
03-2275 CF 10 ABCState v. Tate, Olivo & Gardiner
05-2338CFState v. Fifer
05-CF-019485St. v. Cook
06-22509CF10A,B,CState v. Cohen; Katz; et al
06-3507bState v. Martino et al
12-15456CF10A - Kennedy 12-15457CF10A - CherryState of Florida v. Corey Kennedy and Mykeia Cherry
1994-356-CFAState v. Bodoh, 1994-356CFA
2001-11555-CF-DState v. Pinkney
2001-14014State v. Corey Thomas
2005-CF-10816State v Hollis
2005-CF-1617State of Florida v. Diane Garcia-Gray
2005-CF-641State v. Valdes
2005-CR-003042State vs. Zambrano
CF-05-003788-xxState v. Finley
CF 06-001729State v. Caraballo
CF05-005448State v. Shell
CF05-005449State v. Olson
CF08-005683-005687State v. Wililam Cade et., al.
CRC 05-11619 CFANOState v. Alonzo
CRC05-00622 CFANO-AState v. Ledbetter
CRC05-23137 CFANO - DState v. Vilaragut
CRC05-23143 CFANO - DState v. Aguilar
CRC06-03573CFANOState v. Joseph Young
F03-16101/F03-16103State of Florida v. Hayes
F03-4066A&BState v. Reynolds & Solomon

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