Active public consumer-related investigations

L09-3-1189 Travel Partners USA, LLC
L09-3-1131 Empowertech Services d/b/a
L09-3-1110 21st Century Legal Services, Inc.
L09-3-1057 Three Angels Community Action Network, Inc. a/k/a 3ACN
L08-3-1220 Princeton Executive Group, Inc. and Florida Executive Search, Inc.
L08-3-1016 A Realty RX, LLC
L08-3-1004 Xolutex, Inc., Cesar F. Taveras, George Ibanez, Paola Pino, Laura Ibanez, Guillermo Gomez
L07-3-1008 Medceu Incorporated
L06-3-1081 National Companies Register Corporation
L06-3-1074 T. A. Brockington & Associates, Inc.
L06-3-1007 1st Source Information Specialists, Inc., Kenneth W. Gorman and Steven Schwartz
L05-3-1105 Leather Depot, a/k/a Leather Pointe, a/k/a Coastal Leather, and Bill Lyne,owner
L05-3-1022 Meridian Assurance, Inc.d/b/a Intrust Home Care
L04-3-1061 Ellis Crosby & Associates, a/k/a The Offices of Anthony Galloway and Associates, and Ted Ellis Crosby, Individually,
L04-3-1050 Consumer Grants USA; Ultimate Funding, Inc.; Ultimate Funding Plus, Inc.; Government Grants Information Services
L03-3-1359 All-in-1 Enterprises d/b/a Tri County Plumbing Services (All-in-1 Plumbing); Randall L. Gilbert, Leslie Gilbert, Susan Gilbert
L02-3-1004 KANE FURNITURE CORPORATION, a Florida corporation, d/b/a Kane’s Furniture and d/b/a Savon Furniture; IRWIN NOVACK, individually and as director of Kane Furniture Corporation; and H & M DISTRIBUTING INC., a California corporation,
L11-3-1057 Jay & J Enterprise Inc d/b/a American Land Liquidators
L11-3-1041 Sunbelt Credit Solutions, LLC; CES Mortgage Solutions, LLC; Carol E. Shamis; Jeremy Shamis
L10-3-1198 Environmental Quality Assurance LLC d/b/a Florida Water Works
L10-3-1136 Legal Refund, Inc. (Marlene A. Guzman - Owner)
L10-3-1025 Law Offices of Thomas Dvorak, Esq., Thomas Dvorak, Esq., Hollis Mandell, Daniel P. Minihan, Anthony James Florence, NDA Financial, LLC
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