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AG Link provides an Internet-enabled port for State of Florida general counsels and their staffs to access certain Lotus Notes resources on the AG's internal network and is intended to offer government attorneys additional legal research tools and operational support. Clicking an entry in the menu to the left will route you to the named resource.

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Attorney General Opinions

  • AGO 2020-03 03/19/2020 Public meeting quorums using technology
  • AGO 2020-02 03/12/2020 Tourist development tax --tourist industry reps
  • AGO 2020-01 02/04/2020 Tax deed sale funds to govt leinholders
  • AGO 2019-14 11/22/2019 Education Practices Commission
  • AGO 2019-11 11/06/2019 Municipal election -- align with state general election

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