Attorney General Ashley Moody News Release
May 16, 2022
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AG Moody Honors Troopers With Thin Line Tribute for Stepping Up Efforts to Stop Crimes From Biden’s Border Crisis Surge

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody is recognizing National Police Week with a special Thin Line Tribute. Attorney General Moody created the Thin Line Tribute one year ago to recognize the courageous and often thankless work of front-line law enforcement officers. Today, Attorney General Moody visited the Florida Highway Patrol’s Troop C in Tampa to continue the tribute and recognize the outstanding work troopers are doing to stop crimes directly related to President Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Recently, FHP Troop C seized nearly $700,000 worth of heroin from two undocumented migrants from Mexico. Additionally, Troop C has investigated 14 cases involving defendants smuggling undocumented migrants into the state since October 2021—all investigations emanating from traffic stops along Interstate 75.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Biden’s intentional obliteration of border control has direct and immediate effects on Floridians—especially in our law enforcement ranks. During National Police Week, I thank those who confront the results of Biden’s refusal to enforce public safety immigration laws. This special Thin Line Tribute honors FHP Troop C, who not only stands as a thin line of protection between chaos and order—they also now serve as the last line of defense between Biden’s border crisis and the safety of our state.

Troop C has stepped up to do the job President Biden refuses to do—stop the influx of deadly drugs and criminals sneaking across the border. To those in Washington wishing to honor law enforcement during National Police Week—the best way to help law enforcement is to ENFORCE THE LAW.”

Director of the Florida Highway Patrol Colonel Gene Spaulding said, “The Florida Highway Patrol works tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of visitors and residents traveling on Florida’s roadways. I am extremely proud of our troopers who put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our communities. The Thin Line Tribute by Attorney General Moody is a great initiative that recognizes our troopers’ hard work.”

FHP Troop C patrols Hillsborough, Polk, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Sumter and Citrus counties. Three of Troop C’s members traveled to Texas to attend Operation Lonestar Training at the southwest border. These Troopers received specialized instruction for identifying and stopping human and drug trafficking. This training is proving vital and is helping the entire Troop fight crimes resulting from our unsecure southern border.

Troopers are encountering illegal migrants carrying deadly, illicit drugs. In April, an FHP K-9 helped Troop C make a drug bust in Hernando County. A trooper pulled over a vehicle with a fraudulent Arizona license plate, when K-9 Titan sniffed out 5.5 pounds of heroin worth an estimated $700,000. Both occupants of the car were undocumented migrants from Mexico.

Notably, this past March, Troopers made a traffic stop and discovered 20 adults crammed into a nondescript white van with Texas plates. According to the investigation, four of the vehicle’s occupants had been previously deported, one of which had a prior felony for drug smuggling. The driver picked the passengers up in different locations around Texas and was in the process of traveling to their destination in Orlando at the time of arrest in Hernando County along I-75. The trooper who spotted the van participated in Operation LoneStar. Troop C alone has stopped the illegal transportation of dozens of illegal, unvetted migrants from the southwestern border into Florida.

Dangerous drugs and criminals continue to flow over the southwest border into the U.S. thanks to irresponsible and unlawful immigration policies set by President Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Sec. Mayorkas has recently testified before Congress stating that he doesn’t believe that to be the case, but internal DHS documents obtained by Attorney General Moody prove otherwise. According to these documents, DHS is aware that violent drug cartels are influencing and profiting from the influx of illegal migrants into the country, and they are using Biden’s favorable policies as incentive for migrants to make the crossing.

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Attorney General Moody is grateful to FHP Troop C and law enforcement statewide for stepping up their efforts to stop crimes from Biden’s border surge.

Attorney General Moody created Thin Line Tribute to give law enforcement officers the recognition they greatly deserve, but often do not receive. Thin Line Tribute launched in May 2021 at the Plant City Police Department. Attorney General Moody has visited eight agencies so far to give thanks and support to front-line officers. To view the latest Thin Line Tribute, honoring the Vero Beach Police Department, click here.

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